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The Most Memorable 'Valley Girl' Quotes That Remind You Of The '80s

12 May 2020 195 votes 29 voters20 items

It's time to vote for the best Valley Girl quotes. The film is a remake of Martha Coolidge's 1983 teen classic that gave Nicolas Cage an early role. The twist of this new version is that it re-conceives the story as a jukebox musical. The characters routinely break out into famous '80s pop and New Wave songs. The screenplay, meanwhile, has some funny lines that poke fun at the decade.

Jessica Rothe plays Julie Richman, a teen girl from the San Fernando Valley. Her life consists of school and hanging out with her friends at the mall or the beach. At a party one night, she meets Randy (Josh Whitehouse), a punk rocker from Hollywood. Despite the fact that they come from very different backgrounds, the two fall in love. His friends don't approve of her, though, and her family and friends aren't too wild about him either. The film tracks the ups and downs of their romance. 

Valley Girl was directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg, who previously helmed episodes of hit TV shows like The Mindy Project and Angie Tribeca. The screenplay was written by Amy Talkington. The supporting cast includes Chloe Bennet, Ashleigh Murray, and Jessie Ennis as Julie's friends. Alicia Silverstone also has a small role as the adult Julie.

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