The Best Vampire Manga of All Time

People often cite Hellsing and Vampire Knight as the best vampire manga of all time, but we all know that there are so many other titles to take into consideration when naming the top vampire manga. This list ranks the best manga titles about vampires, with the help of your votes. Vote up your favorites below, no matter if you prefer mature vampire manga like Hellsing, or lighthearted, funny vampire manga like Rosario + Vampire.

There are actually a lot of vampire romance manga, playing on the trope of the sexy male vampire who bites the innocent mortal girl. Take Millenium Snow for example, a manga about a dying girl who is given a second chance at life when she meets a vampire.

What is the greatest vampire manga of all time? Vote up the titles below that you would recommend to others, and downvote any that you read and didn't like. You can also add any vampire manga names that we forgot to include.
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