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The Best Vampire Movies Streaming on Hulu

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There's something incredibly sexy and impressive about vampires. Maybe it's the immortality. Or the contrast of their pale skin and dark eyes. Or perhaps we're totally ensorcelled by their ability t stick to a strict liquid diet. Something about vampires has had us hooked since before Bill Compton laid his dead eyes on Sookie Stackhouse. This list is made up of the best vampire movies streaming on Hulu, and it promises to have you sleeping with the lights on by the end of it.  

The bulk of the flicks on this list could be described as "sexy and disturbing" which is exactly what's called for when you're craving a vampire flick. Vote up the best vampire movies streaming on Hulu below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 

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    Alexandra Kamp, Julien Doré


    Directed byVincent Lannoo

    "The mockumentary format has now taken on the more sophisticated, eloquent branch of the undead, as a camera crew follows a family of vampires. ‘Living’ in Belgium, a place the head of the vampire  ...more
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    Hunted is a 2012 short, animated film written and directed by Lulu Omar and Teis Syvsig.  ...more
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    Tiera Skovbye, Brec Bassinger


    Directed byVince Marcello

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    Caroline Munro, Ian Hendry


    Directed byBrian Clemens

    Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter is a 1972 British horror film. It was written and directed by Brian Clemens, produced by Clemens and Albert Fennell for Hammer Film Productions, and belatedly released  ...more
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