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The 15 Best Vampire Romance Anime

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Romance may be the spice of life, but when it comes to anime, it can be a little repetitive. Sometimes you need higher stakes than just the matters of the heart. One of the best ways to get that little extra something is through romance anime with vampires. With vampires around, high stakes might be literal stakes driven through the heart. They might involve the risk of discovery by the outside world, as is the case with Jitsu wa Watashi wa, or they might involve the risks vampires pose to their human lovers, as is the case with Devils' Line.

No matter what the story is about, vampire romance anime can really get your blood pumping - just don't let any vampires in while you're watching.

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    Anzai is a half-vampire, and as such, he's forced to keep his identity a secret. Because his vampiric nature causes him to occasionally become unruly, existing in the world is a challenge. He finds solace in Tsukasa, a college student who wants to use her knowledge of sociology and the humanities to help him find a place in society.

    Over the course of the series, the two of them develop a romantic connection.

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  • Staz Charlie Blood might be a high-ranking vampire, but that doesn't mean he has to act like one. Rather than actually managing his territory or trying to acquire human blood, Staz spends all his time reading manga, watching anime, and playing video games. His obsession with Japanese culture is ignited when Fuyumi Yanagi, a teenage girl from Japan, suddenly finds herself in the demon world.

    Just as the two are beginning to bond, Staz's territory is raided and Fuyumi passes and comes back as a ghost. Now it's up to Staz to bring her back to life - with the added bonus of getting to check out the human realm in the process.

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  • Zero Kiryu and Yuki Cross serve as prefects at Cross Academy, a boarding school that harbors a strange secret. In the daytime, the students who attend are ordinary humans, but at night, vampires come to get their education. Yuuki and Zero are two of the only students who know the truth about the Night Class.

    While Yuki relishes the chance to interact with her vampiric crush, Zero has far more sinister intentions. 

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  • Dance With Devils is a one-of-a-kind anime that you have to watch for the spectacle alone. It's one of the few musical anime ever created - meaning, the characters have musical numbers similar to what you'd find in a Disney movie. The story is interesting, too - when Ritsuka Tachibana's mother is kidnapped, she finds herself confronting vampires and demons alike, both of whom are trying to get ahold of a magical grimoire.

    Even more confusing, some of the vampires seem interested in Ritsuka for reasons that have nothing to do with the grimoire - romantic reasons.

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