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The Best, Most Bloodthirsty Vampire Versions Of Superheroes

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As it turns out, superheroes are just as susceptible to vampire bites as anyone else. What exactly happens when a vampire superhero makes their full transformation into a bloodsucking beast of the night is unpredictable but, as comic book history shows, it's typically not in the Earth's best interests. 

As heroes and villains get tangled up in supernatural adventures, they meet new vampire allies, such as Blade, and encounter foes as old as time, such as Dracula. Unfortunately, the vampire versions of superheroes can become just as seedy and loathsome as any undead fiend. The lawless city streets only get nastier when there are bloodthirsty vigilantes on the loose.

  • Wolverine
    Photo: X-Men: Curse of the Mutants / Marvel Comics

    In the X-Men: Curse of the Mutants story arc, Xarus, Dracula's son, decides to make his home in California. The X-Men find themselves outnumbered and outwitted by the bloodsucking beasts, and Wolverine falls under the servitude of Dracula's son and takes charge of their vampiric brigade.

    It would seem that Wolverine's mutant healing factor, which enables him to recover from just about any injury, would counteract the vampiric virus - and indeed, it's revealed that his healing factor has been dampened by a secret injection of nanobots. When Wolverine regains his full regenerative strength, he joins his fellow X-Men to defeat the California vamps.

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  • Batman
    Photo: Batman & Dracula: Red Rain / DC Comics

    Batman's dark transformation takes place in the Elseworlds comic book Batman & Dracula: Red Rain. After an otherworldly encounter with Dracula, Batman's connection to bats becomes much more literal.

    Continuing for an entire trilogy, including the comics Bloodstorm and Crimson Mist, Batman slowly loses his grip on the mortal side of himself and becomes Gotham's full-on, crimefighting bloodsucker. At first, his "pure heart" prevents him from succumbing fully to the supernatural curse, but a series of grisly incidents - aided by the Joker, of course - send him spiraling into darkness.

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  • Dick Grayson
    Photo: The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Rain / DC Comics

    In an alternate dimension to DC's Prime universe, Dick Grayson is not Batman's sidekick Robin but a dark and brooding vampire hunter whose family was slain by the vampiric Batman.

    In The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Rain, Grayson attempts to bring down the Bat once and for all, but is bitten instead. The two now eternally roam Gotham's streets together, keeping it free of even scarier characters.

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  • Daredevil (Raymond Connor)
    Photo: Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 / Marvel Comics

    In Ultimate Comics: Avengers 3, Raymond Connor replaces Matt Murdock as Daredevil, and becomes a vampire hunter alongside his mentor Stick. 

    However, their fight against the legions of the undead doesn't last very long. The vampire Nerd Hulk gets his hands on the two of them, and they are turned into vampires themselves. 

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