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These Are The Best Villains From Bravo's Reality Soap Opera 'Vanderpump Rules'

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There are many things that make Bravo’s reality show Vanderpump Rules alluring, addicting, and arguably the most well-crafted soap television on air. The show - centered around Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ HBIC Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR, in the heart of West Hollywood - has attracted the attention of everyone from Chrissy Teigen to Vogue to The New Yorker. It’s no wonder - each of the characters is lovable, hateable, and relatable in their own way. 

The show offers a heavy roster of well-crafted entertainment including James’s temper tantrums, Stassi’s verbal daggers, Jax's notorious lies, Kristen's spirals, Lisa's continual pot-stirring, and the perpetual air of cheating and warmongering, but is also infused with a lot of redemption and heart. Each of the servers-slash-television stars is saddled with an incredible load of relationship baggage, the rivalries that come with long-term friendships, and drama that fuses tension into the show. The catharsis, however, is that each of these would-be reality TV show villains tends to create their own redemption arc, and the friendships rotate more often than SUR's seasonal cocktail menu. 

Vote up the SURvers that proffer the most villainous qualities - but you might want to tune into the most recent season just to see what's changed in this emotional grab bag.

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    Jax Taylor


    - Has cheated on multiple girlfriends including his current fiancée, Brittany.

    - Is a self-admitted liar and likely sociopath who starts rumors habitually for no reason.

    - Possibly paid for an ex to terminate a pregnancy when he cheated on Stassi.

  • 2

    Kristen Doute


    - Slept with Jax while still in a relationship with Tom.

    - Goes off on unhinged rampages both IRL and via text and tweets, often as a result of snooping, suspecting, and sneaking, rather than confronting issues straight-up.

    - Picks fights with all the girls and has trouble keeping an alliance.

    - Was demoted to a more supporting character at the of beginning Season 6.

  • 3

    LaLa Kent


    - Fat-shamed the other women, including Katie.

    - Defended James even during his bouts of extreme insult-slinging, body shaming, and overall disrespect for everyone including his bosses (Ken and Lisa).

    - Was nominated (with James) for a Best Reality TV Villain award in 2016.

  • 4

    James Kennedy


    - He DJs - but also has previously been fired from - a weekly SUR party called C U Next Tuesday.

    - Essentially schmoozed his way onto the show via Kristen, then picked a huge fight with her at Scheana's wedding, then cheated on her/dumped her.

    - Treats women - even his girlfriend - terribly, and constantly insults them.

    - Has been fired from SUR and PUMP, but Lisa has re-hired him.

  • 5

    Katie Maloney-Schwartz


    - We all know #tequilaKatie, but we all kind of wish we didn’t.

    - Slings insults like they’re drinks; maintains a fairly consistent rotation of “former best friend/current best friend” titles.

  • 6

    - Has uttered enough quotations about murder to make you question whether she’s actually committed one.

    - Is the leader of the pack when it comes to preying on fellow cast members.

    - Pushes the wealthy-white-girl privilege on everyone - which comes off as insensitive and ignorant at worst, but sharp-tongued and shrew at best.

  • 7

    Tom Sandoval


    - Lied about cheating on Kristen in Vegas.

    - Tries to play a neutral middleman and pretend to be woke but always ends up supporting Jax, who is anything but woke.

    - Leans a little too hard into vanity, from shaving his forehead to his fresh array of dandy suits.

  • 8

    - Slept with former Real Housewives star Brandi Glanville’s husband, Eddie Cibrian.

    - Hosts regular pity parties for herself.

    - Has the attitude of “If I even think you’re messing with my relationship, I’ll mess with yours.”

  • 9

    Ariana Madix


    - Plays up the emo disinterest in drama and comes off as vacuous - or gets fully embroiled in the drama - as a result.

    - Lacks the ability to be vulnerable; also seems to lack ambition.

    - Has been in severe fights with Scheana and Kristen - currently keeps her distance from Stassi and Katie.

  • 10

    Tom Schwartz


    - Abandoned his post at PUMP during his first day on the job and caused a rift between himself, Katie, and Lisa; is consistently weak and ambitionless.

    - Consistently backs down from defending Katie from verbal attacks by James and others.

    - May have cheated on his now-wife on a trip to Las Vegas.

  • 11

    Brittany Cartwright


    - Constantly forgives Jax for being terrible; essentially stands up for misogyny without any substantive argument.

    - She offers unconditional friendship to the ladies on th show, but overlooking Jax's treatment and temper tantrums is a bad look.

  • 12

    - Gives questionable advice that usually skews in favor of men, not women.

    - Continues to give James chances even though he’s a terrible employee who is rude to her and her clientele.

    - Stirs the pot constantly while maintaining a holier-than-thou attitude.

    - Is essentially the exploitative queen bee/madame of SUR and her restaurant empire.