The Best Subscription Boxes for Vegans

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If you're looking for some of the best vegan subscription boxes out there, then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find a variety of vegan monthly crates that will keep you and your family stocked up all month long. Whether you're looking for snacks, all natural cleaning supplies, or some of the most guilt-free skincare on the planet, these vegan bundles have got you covered. 

So get ready to cut out all the time you spend combing the aisles of your local stores for the plant-based names and brands you trust. Including vegan foods, superfoods, and vegan jerky, these handy monthly subscriptions will deliver boxes based on your unique specifications right to your front door every month. 

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    18 votes

    Rosehive Superfoods Box

    Get the best for your body every month with the #1 superfood subscription box. Each month you'll receive a box packed full of vegan, plant-based products, inlcuding: 1 snack, 1 drink, 1 herb, 1 superfood powder, 1 cooking Ingredient, 1 surprise item, and a even a recipe.

    • $34.95/month
    • Discounts offered for 6 month prepay
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    15 votes

    Petit Vour

    If you're looking for the most guilt-free beauty box around, then Petit Vour is just for you. A bit like a Vegan version of Sephora, the company will send you 4 top-shelf, non-toxic, cruelty-free products every. With a value of up to $60 per box, these plant-based products cover everything from make-up to skincare and are specially curated to your beauty profile.

    • $18/month - USA
    • $23/month - Canada
    • $25/month - Worldwide
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    Enjoy a variety of new snacks each month or keep your cabinets fully stocked, depending on which box size you chose. Urthbox provides a variety of Non-GMO, organic, full-sized products each month from a variety of box choices, including completely vegan or gluten free options.

    • Mini-6+ snacks- $19.99
    • Small- 12+ snacks- $29.99
    • Medium- 18+ snacks- $39.99
    • Large- 25+- $49.99
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    12 votes

    Vegan Cuts Snack Box

    Cut out the time you spend combing the grocery aisles for the best vegan treats with Vegan Cuts. This monthly subscription box comes with 10 or more vegan snacks including things like chips, cookies, sodas, and more.

    • $22.95/ month
    • Discounts available on 6 month or 1 year prepay options
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    Mangia Cake Organics

    Mangia Cake Organics
    Photo: MangiaCakeOrganics / facebook

    Keep your family full and healthy with a monthly supply of delicious, organic pasta products. Each box contains 2 lbs. of different handmade pastas, a minimum of 1 lb. of organic tomato sause, either a family-sized premae meal or individual ones packaged in mason jars, and a piece of Magia Cake merchandise. Classic, vegan, vegetarian, and glueten free boxes are available.

    • $40.00/ month
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    Stay True Botanicals

    Keep bath time luxurious with a monthly supply of vegan, handcrafted bath supplies. If you sign up for their classic box you'll get 2 full sized bath bombs and/or bubble bars and 1-2 samples of anything from lotion to facial scrubs/masks or other beauty supplies. Or you can go all out with the deluxe box and get 4-5 full sized bath supplies and 1-2 samplers.

    • Classic Box- $22.95
    • Deluxe Box- $44.95