The Best Vegan Channels On YouTube

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With so many people switching to a plant based diet, it's no wonder vegan YouTubers are on the rise. While many YouTubers do not eat animal products, a lot of the creators listed below keep their channels mostly focused on tips and tricks for making a vegan lifestyle work. Whether you're considering converting yourself or are just curious about a life without meat and dairy, check out some of the YouTube stars below! 

Veganism is no easy feat in a world saturated with animal products, which is why these vegan videos are so impressive. Cooking tutorials allow you to watch YouTubers make some pretty tantalizing dishes that are 100% vegan. Other videos may feature thoughts and opinions on the ethics of veganism and the misconceptions and stigma vegans face. 

Who are the best vegan YouTubers? Vote your favorites to the top of the list and feel free to add anyone you think is missing! 

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  • Cheap Lazy Vegan
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    Cheap Lazy Vegan

  • avantgardevegan
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  • SweetPotatoSoul
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  • Mic. the Vegan
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    Mic. the Vegan

  • Caitlin Shoemaker
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    Caitlin Shoemaker

  • Liv B
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    Liv B