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The Best Vertigo Comic Book Series, Ranked

These are the best Vertigo Comics that you need to add to your library. Vertigo Comics is an imprint of DC, which came into being in 1993. DC Comics started this other label to produce more adult-oriented stories. Comics published under Vertigo would be free from the constraints of the Comics Code Authority, which would allow more creative freedom. Comics that have come from this label over the years have been more violent and graphic, and they have generally shown more sexuality, profanity, and other controversial subjects. Many fantastic comic books have come out of the company over the years, and this list runs through the top Vertigo comics of all time. 

Numerous comics have been released that changed the face of the comic book industry. One of these titles is Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. The series proved to be so popular that in 2018, Vertigo Comics unveiled four new ongoing series set within the same universe. Another influential comic to come out of the company is Y: The Last Man, which had over 60 issues published at Vertigo. 

Many properties from the Vertigo comics library have been developed into TV shows and movies over the years. No matter where you know Vertigo from, you likely know at least some of their comics. With this list, you can vote up your favorites, so other comic lovers know what they need to check out next. 

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  • Morpheus is trapped for 70 years. When it escapes, it seeks to rebuild its kingdom that has been destroyed. It seeks to undo past sins and change the old ways. 

  • Swamp Thing is one of the most popular characters to come out of Vertigo. A humanoid swamp creature must use its powers for good to protect the Green. 

  • John Constantine battles the forces of evil and the supernatural. Although he makes great pains to protect himself, those closest to him usually end up paying the price. 

  • Preacher

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    Preacher follows the story of Jesse Custer, a preacher who accidentally gains the powers of a supernatural force called Genesis. Genesis is comprised of pure evil and pure good, forcing Jesse to travel around the United States to find God. 

  • All living creatures with a Y chromosome suddenly die off. The only exception is a young escape artist and his monkey. Yorick must find the answer to why this occurred before enemies find him, capture him, and kill him. 

  • Fables

    Fables focuses on various characters based in folklore or fairy tales. They form a community in New York City where they must remain hidden from the outside world.

  • Astro City is an anthology series that follows various superheroes as they save the day in the titular city. Readers can follow the adventures of Samaritan, Winged Victory, and others as they fight off the bad guys. 

  • Human/animal hybrids begin to appear all over the planet. Although Gus' father tries to protect him from the horrors of the outside world, Gus ends up going on one heck of an adventure.

  • Bernhard Baker stood too close to an exploding spaceship, and now, he has the power to momentarily borrow attributes of various animals. He uses these powers to fight aliens and even series creator Grant Morrison.

  • Scalped

    Dashiell Bad Horse returns to the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation only to get sucked into a new mission to bring down the corrupt Tribal Sheriff. Throughout this investigation, he must also solve his mother's murder. 

  • A covert resistance force must fend off aliens from the human race, which suspects nothing. The Invisible College stumbles across a young man who may hold the key to salvation, but they must act quickly before the world ends on December 22nd, 2012. 

  • 100 Bullets centers around the concept of whether people would kill given the right circumstances. The series follows Agent Graves as he finds people who have been horribly wronged and gives them a chance to enact revenge. 

  • Doom Patrol

    Doom Patrol

    What would happen if the Justice League was made up of a bunch of dysfunctional unknowns? In Doom Patrol, a group of misfits must band together to save the planet. 

  • DMZ

    DMZ takes place during the second American Civil War. Manhattan has become a demilitarized zone where the Free States of America face off against the rest of the country.

  • Transmetropolitan takes place in the near future where Spider Jerusalem and his cohorts try to take down the President. This ragtag group of anti-heroes attempts to prevent the world from becoming more dystopian than it already is. 

  • Sandman: Mystery Theatre

    Sandman: Mystery Theatre

  • Lucifer


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    The devil vanished several years ago. While some people think he died, this comic book series dives into what really happened, which is that he's trapped in a bizarre, unusual prison.

  • Vampires exist, and there are numerous species of them all over the world. The series follow Skinner Sweet, who discovers he is a new kind of vampire, one that is impervious to sunlight. 

  • Cain returns to the House of Mystery, only to find that it has disappeared. Years later, an architecture student, unwittingly makes her way to the House of Mystery where she runs from room to room to escape a frightening pair. 

  • Madame Xanadu is a sorceress within DC's continuity. Most stories center around her in her shop, and she has gone through numerous iterations throughout the years. 

  • Fairest


    Fairest is a spin-off of Fables. It follows the adventures and lives of the women of Fabletown with each arc focusing on a different heroine.

  • Tom Taylor has dreams of  writing the next successful fantasty, young-adult franchise like Harry Potter. The series follows him as he deals with fame and the concept of celebrity.

  • Dream has abandoned his realm, leaving the ordinary residents to protect it. While they do their best, senior storytellers are tormented with dark secrets, and something sinister lurks just beyond the gate.