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The Best Vertigo Comic Book Series, Ranked

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These are the best Vertigo Comics that you need to add to your library. Vertigo Comics is an imprint of DC, which came into being in 1993. DC Comics started this other label to produce more adult-oriented stories. Comics published under Vertigo would be free from the constraints of the Comics Code Authority, which would allow more creative freedom. Comics that have come from this label over the years have been more violent and graphic, and they have generally shown more sexuality, profanity, and other controversial subjects. Many fantastic comic books have come out of the company over the years, and this list runs through the top Vertigo comics of all time. 

Numerous comics have been released that changed the face of the comic book industry. One of these titles is Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. The series proved to be so popular that in 2018, Vertigo Comics unveiled four new ongoing series set within the same universe. Another influential comic to come out of the company is Y: The Last Man, which had over 60 issues published at Vertigo. 

Many properties from the Vertigo comics library have been developed into TV shows and movies over the years. No matter where you know Vertigo from, you likely know at least some of their comics. With this list, you can vote up your favorites, so other comic lovers know what they need to check out next. 

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