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The Coolest Cars in Video Games  

Logan Rapp
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When you've been traipsing around your open world video game on foot for so long, the moment you hop into a car is genuinely thrilling. After avoiding fights and taking forever to get from point A to point B, that car is a relief. That car is your life. But when you get that awesome, tricked out video game car, that vehicle that is just going to wreck all other vehicles, you get a special sense of glee you didn't think was possible. Inspired by that feeling, we've compiled a list of the best video game vehicles!

With one exception, this list is limited to video game vehicles of the tracked persuasion, or at least low-to-the-ground, and the result is a wide array of awesome cars in video games that heighten the gaming experience. Remember the first time you got in the back of a Warthog and just laid waste to a bunch of Covenant? Yes, yes you do. And you'll always remember it. That's why this list of video game cars exists.

A car is a gamer's best friend, particularly when they're surrounded by zombies. So take a look at our list of killer video game vehicles and be sure to vote up your favorites! And check out our other video game lists and see what piques your interest! 
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Batmobile - Arkham Knight
Batmobile - Arkham Knight is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Coolest Cars in Video Games
Photo:  batman: Arkham Knight/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
It's the friggin' Batmobile. The moment you pull off your first Batmobile-assisted takedown, you'll be in love. It can take ramps, run other cars off the road, and launch the Batman hundreds of yards into the air so that you can take to the skies and knock out some of those flying drones. Yes, the controls can be a little splashy, but hey, a little extra destruction is a-okay. 
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GT Citroen - Gran Turismo 5
GT Citroen - Gran Turismo 5 is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Coolest Cars in Video Games
Photo:  Gran Turismo 5/Sony Interactive Entertainment
This car was designed expressly for use in Gran Turismo 5, and because nerds are nerds and this car is just that cool, Citroen ended up actually building the thing for real. What's the point of all that design work if you're not going to make a real one, right? 
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Warthog - Halo
Warthog - Halo is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Coolest Cars in Video Games
Photo:  Halo/Xbox Game Studios
A vehicle for the ages. Anyone who's touched a first person shooter can remember the feeling of power that comes from getting behind the wheel of a Warthog Or, more importantly, getting on the mounted gun and mowing down enemies while the AI or a buddy powers through crowds. 
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Bullet GT - GTA IV
Bullet GT - GTA IV is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Coolest Cars in Video Games
Photo:  Grand Theft Auto IV/Rockstar Games
There's fast, and then there's this car. It can outrun anything, has armor decent enough to keep you alive for at least as long as it takes to get up to speed, and did we mention it's fast? Don't go into a heist without this beast of an engine. 
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