Total Nerd People Tell Their Stories Of The Best Video Game Cheats  

Ryan Carlquist
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As long as games have been around, there have been those seeking to cheat their way to the top. Looking to downright exploit the game, acquire advanced items, or to just have a bit of fun, these Redditors are mostly concerned with the latter part of that list, and they took the time to share their surprising video game cheats with the world. These conniving devils share some of the very best video game cheats ever concocted, and some of them are laugh-out-of-your-chair hysterical. And hidden among the crazier and more relentless hacks are some truly helpful video game cheats that will aid you in actually conquering that final boss who's been giving you trouble.

These first-hand experiences recount everything from exploding tanks falling from the sky to becoming the Incredible Hulk for a short period of time, and they'll all make you want to run out and purchase these games for yourself. Leave it to the gaming community to figure out ways to make even the most mundane games extraordinary after adding a little bit of outside flair.  

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Grand Theft Auto Meets Fallout

From Redditor /u/GRIMMnM

"Not one cheat code, but a series of them in GTA San Andreas. Basically if you put the cheats for chaos mode, abandoned cities, and pedestrians attack you, you got yourself a nice post-apocalyptic, survival game. Set yourself a checkpoint (say the airport from one city to the next) and try to survive."

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Becoming The Real "Super" Mario

From Redditor /u/razbrerry

"In the original Super Mario Bros. (NES), if you played chicken with Bowser and jumped on both the axe and his head at the same time, you'd "shrink", but stay big, and your states would stay reversed until you died. This meant you could get a fire flower, and get all the perks of being small (fit through one-block gaps) with the perks of being big (breaking blocks, throwing fireballs). It was before the internet, and the Nintendo Power tip line didn't care. I felt like the only one in the world who knew this secret."

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Tanks Raining From The Sky

From Redditor /u/drunk-on-wine

"Typing bang, bang, bang in Vice City would make a tank fall from the sky. Typing, bang, continuously would then rain down multiple tanks which would fall over, setting themselves on fire and explode, causing multiple deaths and chaos as innocent bystanders and the emergency services were annihilated by unstoppable exploding tanks."

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Turning An Already Ultra Violent Game Up To 11

From Redditor /u/crazylefty

"This is the greatest code (ABACABB)! Media and parents at the time were in a frenzy over Mortal Kombat and how realistic the violence was, forcing midway to pull blood from the console versions. Their big, F U, to the institution was the inclusion of this code. Now they could sell a game to the masses as a bloodless fighting game, and later leak the code to millions of adolescent boys and satisfy their blood lust. 

Greatest code ever."

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