The Best Video Game Protagonists Of 2022

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Characters must be the main protagonist of games/dlc that were released in 2022.

Attention all gamers! We are ranking the best video game protagonists of 2022! This list features every protagonist from the best and newest games of 2022 to the most hyped and latest DLC releases of the year! Whether they are a new kind of video game hero we have never seen before or a completely customizable character, this list has it covered. Some of the best video game protagonists of 2022 have embarked on a journey that will push them to their limits, whether if it's for survival in some of the hardest games of 2022 or through a powerful moving narrative that hit harder than they expected.

Characters such as Vaas, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed from the Far Cry series were some of the evilest villains in video game history and now they have been given the spotlight as protagonists of their own adventure. Meanwhile characters such as Kirby, Tiny Tina, and Aloy are well known and beloved in their respective series for their personality and impact on the story. Then we have breakout characters such the Cat and B-12 from Stray who have just won us over the moment we saw them. Which 2022 video game protagonist do you think is the very best?

Vote up the best video game protagonist of 2022 and be sure to check back as we update this list with more characters from newly released games. Don't forget to check out the best video game villains of 2022!

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