The Best Video Game Sequels

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Only the second game in a series. Vote up the best games that followed (and even surpassed) the first game in a series.

Video games have gone from something you did with buddies at the local arcade to a multi-billion dollar industry that spends and makes more money than Hollywood does making films. With so much money coming in, it's no surprise video games get sequels made to keep the cash flowing, but which video game sequels are the best? There are hundreds of them out there, but only a few could be considered to be equal or even better than their predecessors.

This list focuses specifically on direct sequels to the first game—there are no Super Mario Bros. 3s or Tekken IIIs in here. All games ranked on this list are second to one and are considered to be some of the greatest video game sequels ever made. What makes these games good has a lot to do with the games that came before, but in the end, these sequels stand on their own.

If we missed any of your favorites, add them to the list and don't forget to rank the games you think are the best sequels of them all!

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  • Portal 2
  • Halo 2
  • Diablo II