The Best Recent Video Game Soundtracks

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No games released before 2010.

There have been some amazing games over the last few years, with equally amazing soundtracks to boot. In fact, the best video game soundtracks help capture the precise feeling you felt when you first heard a specific song, encasing that memory and extending it into infinity.

While classic 8- and 16-bit soundtracks helped set the stage for today’s composers, good video game soundtracks are able to exist in a realm of their own. Even if someone hasn’t played the game, they can still get into the songs. 

Young composers have risen to prominence and started their careers by creating video game music, and veterans have refined their craft by delving into gaming soundtracks. We truly are in the golden age of video game soundtracks.

With so many games coming out over the last decade, it's difficult to determine what the top current soundtracks are. That being said, this list ranks all the best new video game soundtracks over the last few years. Vote up your favorites, vote down the ones you don’t like, and add your own picks if they aren’t already included below.

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