The Best Video Game Villains Of 2022

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Characters must be the main antagonists of games/dlc that were released in 2022.

Attention all gamers! We are ranking the best video game antagonists of 2022! This list features every antagonist from the best and newest games of 2022 to the most hyped and latest DLC releases of the year! Whether they are a new kind of video game villain we have never seen before or is a hidden overarching antagonist, this list has it covered. Some of the best video game antagonists of 2022 have set a well calculated and devious plan for world domination or for their selfish goals and they let nothing get in their way. Whether if they starred in some of the hardest games of 2022 or was a major character in a powerful moving narrative that hit harder than they expected, the best video game villains of 2022 are the ones who are dynamic and justifiable in their actions or they completely went above and beyond for being overtly evil.

Characters such as Tilda van der Meer, Yang, and The Dragon Lord were some of the evilest villains in video game history and their roles as antagonists have left us wanting more. Meanwhile video game bosses such as Chef Saltbaker, Otoma=Raga, and The Red Judge stand out as some of the hardest bosses of all time and are known for their over-the-top boss encounters. Then we have breakout characters such The Witness and The One Who Waits who had us completely shook, the moment we discovered their roles as the overarching villains of their respective games. Which 2022 video game antagonist do you think is the very best?

Vote up the best video game antagonist of 2022 and be sure to check back as we update this list with more characters from newly released games. Don't forget to check out the best video game protagonists of 2022!

Latest additions: Court of Owls, Ra's al Ghul, Talia al Ghul
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  • Savathun, the Witch Queen
    44 votes
  • The Witness
    Destiny 2
    35 votes
  • DJ Octavio
    1 OF 11
    #10 needs votes

    DJ Octavio

    Splatoon 3
    30 votes
  • Yang


    26 votes
  • Chef Saltbaker

    Chef Saltbaker

    Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course
    57 votes
  • Cursa


    Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
    17 votes
  • Evil Ash
    Evil Dead: The Game
    37 votes