The Best Video Game Voice Actors Working Today

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Once voice acting became possible in video games, the art exploded. Few gamers are content with text boxes or robotic voice facsimiles - they want real actors providing pathos and emotion. Over time, some voice actors have become well-known, with proven pedigrees and handling the requirements of multiple story options. These people have elevated the form and helped create characters on the level of those found in other media. This list compiles the best video game voice actors for you to vote on. 

When it comes to great video game voice actors, what are you looking for? Is it the gravitas and listenability of Keith David? Or is it the skill of Jennifer Hale, who can mold herself to any character and bring the complexity to even a minor character? Actors voicing video game characters have done so fantastically across multiple titles over the years, and it's time gamers actually recognize them for their work!

So take a look at our list of video game voice actors, vote up your favorites, and then take a look at our other video game lists to see what games you haven't played yet, but should!