The Best Erotic Video Games for Atari 2600

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Games with erotic content for Atari only.

Having sex and/or nudity in video games has been around for... as long as video games have been, and it's always been controversial. Sex sells, period. And when you're looking at a demographic like, say, young teen boys (and girls), they tend to flock towards nudity and sex like moths to a flame. The Atari 2600 video games on this list are the best of the sexy games available for the system.

In America and Europe it's still rare for gameplay to actually feature sex-acts or nudity as part of the game or something you can manipulate, but in Japan it's an entire sub-genre Eroge (erotic game).

It's funny to us now, especially with how incredible graphics have gotten, but there was a time when lots of people (and then even more who had to design these games) thought that the sheer computing power of Atari's pixels were just so damn HOT. Some of these games are the raunchiest in existence, so enjoy the best of the Atari 2600's erotic games.
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