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Video Games You Can Totally Get Away With Playing At Work 

Collin Flatt
Updated September 27, 2019 541 votes 226 voters 36.1k views 19 items

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Work can be insufferable. People expect things from you, so you trudge through these requests because you'll be (under)paid for your efforts every two or four weeks. It would make everything better if there were some entertainment at the office. And while having a playlist of the best movie soundtracks to listen to at work can help, sometimes you just need something more engaging. Like, say, video games.  

Believe it or not, there are video games you can secretly play at work. In fact, there are a whole bunch of browser-based discreet video games that are perfect for life in the cubicle. Some are text-based and look innocuous, and a few even replicate the appearance of a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet that will easily fool a quick glance from management. Check out this list below to see if any of these secret video games are ones you could get into and vote up the ones that are the best to play while "working."

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"You've died of dysentery." If you grew up on The Oregon Trail, you'll be familiar with this line because it's the one videogame they made you play in grade school. The browser version is just as good as you remember, and it's fun to be nostalgic about the early days of life where you didn't have responsibilities or work you should be doing. 

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Arena XLSM, a pseudo-RPG battle game, is pretty darn amazing. The entire game takes place inside an Excel spreadsheet using macros to make the action happen. It clocks in at just under 1MB in size and still offers a surprisingly deep combat system, considering the limitations of the application. 

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Desktop Tower Defense might be 10 years old, but it's still one of the best timewasters on the Internet. It works in almost any browser and the gameplay is terribly intoxicating. Your job is to stop the "creeps" from reaching a certain spot on the office desktop, using different defensive strategies and "towers" with specific tools (shoot, freeze, and block progress). 

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DEFCON may look simple and uninteresting, but it's actually very engaging. It's basically a browser version of Thermonuclear War from WarGames and is insanely deep. You'll find yourself pouring hours into the game and realize that the time to clock out is suddenly too soon.