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The Best Video Game Cutscenes Ever

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This is a list of the best cutscenes in the history of video games. Great cutscenes don't just interrupt the gameplay. They deliver truly cinematic storytelling, helping create immersive and complex narratives unique to gaming. These scenes don't just move the plot along; they can take throwaway characters and turn them into the target of a thousand cosplayers.

There's always a plenty of dissent amongst gamers about the real purpose of a cutscene. Naysayers will argue that bad video game cutscenes just make the player jam buttons until they skip them and get back to the gameplay. Ideally, a video game intro video should introduce the player to the world of the game and cutscenes should even out the pacing of a game, strengthening the player's connection to the narrative, as well as their enjoyment of the gameplay. A rad final cinematic is always nice too.

In the future, video game developers may make cutscenes so good that they won't even have to be skippable, because no one would ever want to skip them. But they'd still be skippable because everyone hates unskippable cutscenes.

Until then, we have this list of the finest cutscenes in video game history, from Pac-Man's main squeeze to Mass Effect mega-controversy. Vote up your favorites, the ones that truly elevated their games and proved what cutscenes can really do.
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    Why was the debate about ending options to Mass Effect 3 so fierce? Opinions ran so deep because everything that lead up to the ending hit so hard. This moment early in the game, for example, where Commander Shepard witnesses the devastation of planet Earth, seeing images that burn into her brain forever - all set to the haunting sounds of Clint Mansell's beautiful score (related: FemShep for life).

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    Mass Effect 2 may go down as one of the greatest RPGs ever designed, and it certainly has an epic story that's excellently helped along by slick cutscenes. Commander Shepard (you) dies, is brought back to life with some upgrades, and is tasked with building a team who will go on a literal suicide mission on the other side of a relay where no one has ever returned. Now watch them return (FemShep for life, by the way).

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    Halo 2 was a marked improvement upon its predecessor, one that gave a bit more heft to its story. This results in blockbuster moments such as this one, which could be the climax of a huge action movie: Master Chief requests permission to leave the ship. Why? Well, he wants to give the Covenant their bomb back.

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    One of the more controversial cutscenes out there, BioShock Infinite's ending is a work of art. Not only does it bring the story full circle satisfyingly, it also slyly comments on the very nature of gameplay and game design itself, something the series has been known to do since "a slave obeys."

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