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The Best Viking Characters

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For most of us, Thor is probably our first thought when we think about the greatest Viking characters of all time. After all, Thor is ripped, carries a hammer, and speaks with a pseudo-British accent - just like the Vikings of old. Also, he's appeared in roughly 57 Marvel movies at this point, so he's definitely prolific.

But just because Thor is the first Viking character we think of, does that necessarily make him the best? What about the great literary warrior Beowulf or Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon? Surely there's at least one able-bodied challenger out there with enough Viking panache to usurp the great king of Asgard. 

To that end, Ranker made a list of some of the greatest Viking characters in film and TV history. Vote up your favorites, and feel free to add any top-notch Vikings we didn't mention!