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The Most Dangerous Villain Power Couples In Movies

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The couple that slays together stays together... at least, that seems to be the philosophy of these villainous crime duos. From not-so-innocent bystanders who get swept up in their lover's crime sprees to pairs of predators who have found in each other a bloodthirsty kindred spirit, these criminal couples are often inspired by real-life duos like Bonnie and Clyde or Charles Starkweather and his girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate.

Often, these doomed romances end with the pair gunned down, whether by the police or by one another, but in other cases not even the grave is enough to stop love - or viciousness. Vote up your favorite villainous couples, from absolute #couplegoals pairs to the most toxic romances imaginable.

  • The Couple: Directed by Oliver Stone, from a script by Quentin Tarantino, this indictment of the media's obsession with dangerous criminals wouldn't work without a dynamic modern-day Bonnie and Clyde at its center. In this case, that's Mickey and Mallory Knox, a pair of outsiders from abusive families who turn to a life of crime together and ultimately become celebrities even while they're fugitives.

    What Makes Them So Dangerous: While the Knoxes certainly take out plenty of people before all is said and done, the film suggests that what truly makes this killer couple dangerous is the irresponsible way in which the media glorifies their misdeeds, creating a vicious cycle in which they are empowered to commit ever more appalling acts.

    Notable Misdeeds: Where to even start? According to the flick, their initial spree claims more than 50 victims across three states, and the Knoxes aren't done yet...

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  • The Couple: When it comes to criminal couples, they don't get much more iconic than real-life bank robbing duo Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Their Depression-era exploits were immortalized on the silver screen in this 1967 flick, where they were played by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, respectively.

    What Makes Them So Dangerous: Initially just in it for the thrill, Bonnie and Clyde get more and more ambitious as their early criminal undertakings prove less lucrative. Graduating from small-time heists to robbing banks, they eventually add old-fashioned homicide to the list.

    Notable Misdeeds: Clyde shoots a bank manager squarely in the face when the man tries to stop one of their getaways.

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  • The Couple: Veronica is a member of a powerful mean girl clique at her high school, but she's tired of it - tired of their petty dictatorial behavior, tired of all the school politics. When she meets the rebellious J.D., she finds a kindred spirit who will help her not only break out of the mold but also get a little payback. Or so she thinks.

    What Makes Them So Dangerous: Let's be honest here, when it comes to danger, this is really J.D.'s show, at least for the majority of the movie. Veronica may want to establish her own identity and get out from under the shadow of her high school clique, but J.D. is the one who turns those impulses homicidal.

    Notable Misdeeds: By film's end, J.D. has caused the demise of several characters, but his ultimate plan is to set off an explosive in the school's boiler room during a pep rally.

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  • The Couple: Roy Batty and Pris are half of a quartet of replicants - genetically engineered humanoids who have artificially shortened lifespans of only four years. They've returned to Earth because they want to track down their creator and demand "more life."

    What Makes Them So Dangerous: Both Roy and Pris demonstrate superhuman strength and endurance, as well as brilliant intellects. Pris, for instance, sticks her hand into a pot of boiling water to retrieve an egg without suffering any harm. So, when they set their sights on something - even when that something is taking someone out - very little can stop them, except the ticking clock of their own mortality.

    Notable Misdeeds: "I have done... questionable things," Roy tells his creator, shortly before putting him down.

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