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The Best Violists in the World

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The viola is a complex instrument that involves years of mastering the craft. The viola, similar to the violin, is a member of the string family and is played with a bow. However, it is larger than a violin, and has a deeper sound as a result. The viola is essential to any orchestra, the middle voice between the violin and the cello. Who are the best violists in the world?

The musicians on this list are considered the best viola players today. Whether you recognize these musicians or not, they've all carved out a place out for themselves in the music business and have become influential and prominent figures in the industry and are among the many famous violists in the world of classical music. If you love geeking out on music, we definitely recommend finding some of their music.  

This list features the world’s best violists, and is waiting to be voted on and reranked by you. Vote up the best viola players below or add a musician you think is great on the viola, if he or she isn't already on the list.
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    Ben Lee

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    Roby lakatos


    Jazz, Classical, Klezmer violinist

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List Rules: Living viola players only. Upvote the best musicians.