33 Of Our Favorite Viral Tweets From 2021 That We Just Needed To Share

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Whether it was bumping into a celebrity on the street, a heartfelt reunion among old friends, or just a hilarious story shared within 140 characters, the year of 2021 had plenty of viral tweets that we loved. As we take a look back, here are our viral moment highlights from this year on Twitter that we wanted to re-visit.

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    The Cat Welcomed The Stray Kitten Immediately


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    Supportive Boyfriend Makes Her Batman Birthday Dreams Come True

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    A Sign For The Neighborhood Cat Thief

    Sign reads: "My cat is a thief. Please take these items if they are yours."

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    Paul Rudd Is A Returning Customer And Brings Dan Levy

    The restaurant is called 'Darjeeling Express' and is located in London, England.

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    The Evolution Of Octavia Spencer And Melissa McCarthy's Friendship

    Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy's friendship has truly stood the test of time. The famous duo, who also starred in Thunder Force (2021) together, have been friends for nearly 20 years now.

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    'Shrek' Taught Her How To Be A Proper Fairy Godmother

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