The Best Musical Artists From Virginia

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Only artists born or raised in Virginia or bands formed in Virginia..

Here are the best artists and bands from Virginia. The Old Dominion has made numerous contributions to the music industry for the past century. The acts that have come out of the state have utilized every genre imaginable, including rock, hip hop, brass, and folk. Virginia is also a major contributor to the Piedmont blues style of music that was popularized on the East Coast during the 1920s. From Richmond to Charlottesville, the best musical artists from Virginia have come out of every walk of life from the state. 

Ella Fitzgerald is one of the most famous jazz singers of all time. She grew up in Newport News, Virginia and went on to collaborate with some of the biggest names in music at the time. In more recent years, artists like Missy Elliott and Pharrell Williams have made their marks in the industry after breaking out of Virginia music scene. Plenty of other artists were either born or raised in the state, and this list counts them all down. Other popular Virginia artists include Chris Brown, Jason Mraz, Dave Grohl, and Dave Matthews Band. 

You will find numerous artists you listen to regularly on this list. It is a true testament to everything Virginia has given the world in terms of entertainment. The most famous Virginia musical artists are here, so start voting for the ones you like most. 

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