The Best Virginia Tech Hokies Quarterbacks of All Time

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College football fans, we’re ranking the best Virginia Tech Hokies quarterbacks of all time. It includes every starting quarterback throughout Virginia Tech Hokies history, including current quarterbacks and past ones. This Virginia Tech football roster has famous All-Americans, Virginia Tech quarterbacks in the NFL, and Hokies players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Featuring some of the greatest college quarterbacks of all time, the best Virginia Tech QBs include Michael Vick, Tyrod Taylor, Bruce Arians, Bryan Randall, and even a recent Hokies star like Logan Thomas left his mark on the school.

Who are the greatest quarterbacks in Virginia Tech Hokies history? They're all on this comprehensive list of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University football players who have played as quarterback. Vote below, then head over and check out the best Virginia Tech running backs ever.

Most divisive: Brenden Motley
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