The 20 Best Virgo Anime Characters Born August 22-September 22

Whether you're a Virgo yourself or just know someone who is, you might want to know which anime characters share the earth sign. Born between August 22nd and September 22nd, Virgos are among the most practical-minded members of the Zodiac. They pay attention to detail and think things through logically. Awesome, right? Unfortunately, they can also be hesitant where they need to be decisive, and can have trouble opening up about their true feelings.

Some Virgo anime characters act the same way - Kakashi from Naruto is a great example. But other anime characters who are Virgo seem not to be influenced much by their sign - does Kaneda from Akira even know he's a Virgo? 

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  • Zenitsu Agatsuma - Demon Slayer
    Photo: ufotable

    Birthday: September 3rd

    Virgos tend to be on the nervous side, but they aren't usually cowardly to the point of being irrational. Zenitsu takes one of his sign's traits and amps it up to the extreme, without really channelling many of its others. 

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  • Birthday: September 15th

    When Kakashi was a kid, he was obsessed with following the rules. Inflexibility is a common foible of his sign, and he's worked hard to overcome it. These days, he's a lot more chill - but he's still a major workaholic.

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  • Zoe Hange - Attack On Titan
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    Birthday: September 5th

    Hange Zoe knows that there's no way to take down the Titans without understanding them. Their commitment to learning the truth in all its grisly details is what one would expect from a Virgo.

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    Emma - The Promised Neverland

    Birthday: August 22nd

    Emma's bubbly personality doesn't exactly scream Virgo, but when it comes to methodology and planning, she's got the sign's energy down. If not for her Virgo brain, she might never have gotten out of Grace Field House. 

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  • Birthday: September 10th

    Perhaps unsurprisingly given her ruling planet, Sailor Mercury is the prototypical Virgo. She's blisteringly intelligent and super practical, but she can also be shy and overly critical of herself. 

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    Kazutora Hanemiya - Tokyo Revengers 

    Kazutora Hanemiya - Tokyo Revengers 

    Birthday: September 16th

    After a robbery goes horribly wrong, Kazutora Hanemiya ends up spending a few years in juvenile hall, and nearly loses his sanity in the process. His approach to his problems is based in emotion, not logic, so his energy isn't exactly in line with his sign. 

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