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The Best Virtual Reality Manga of All Time

The hottest genre in manga today just might be virtual reality. Do you have a favorite virtual reality manga? There seems to be a compelling, new story every time you turn around. For that reason we've created a list of the best virtual reality manga, and we want you to vote for your favorites. Are you a fan of standard-bearers like Sword Art Online and Overlord? Are stories like Log Horizon more to your liking? You can even choose Korean selections such as The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor or Chinese language representatives like ½ Prince.  Vote up your favorites to move them up the list, and downvote any titles that you've read and didn't like. Make sure you let us know if we’ve missed any of the top stories. If we did, you can add it to the list so that everyone can vote for it. That's the best way to make your opinion heard on this list of good virtual reality manga.
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