The Best Volumizing Shampoo

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Shampoos that add volume to hair.

The best volumizing shampoo can give new life to flat, dull hair. Volumizing shampoos are designed to add body and bounce, giving anyone with thin, fine hair that extra boost they need to have gorgeous hair. If you're looking for a specific volumizer or need something that better suits your type of hair, this list includes some of the best volume boosting shampoos on the market, including several that are sulfate free and/or organic. Vote for your favorite volumizing shampoos and vote down any products that fell flat (literally). Also, if your favorite volume shampoo isn't listed, please add it. This way, you and others looking to add some life to their hair can ensure you're getting the best product. We all want healthy-looking hair, and it often starts with choosing the right products!

The best volumizing shampoos can cleanse hair and keep it conditioned well, while still adding dimension. It's important to remember that just because your hair needs volume, it also needs moisture. A good volumizing shampoo takes care of scalp oils and excess product buildup that can weigh hair down at the roots, but it also shouldn't strip vital moisture from the ends of hair. Even those with the finest, thinnest hair can have issues with dry ends, after all. Fortunately, there's wide variety of shampoos to give you the volume you're looking for while also replenishing damage and keeping your hair and scalp healthy. 

Of course, choosing the best option for you and your hair depends on numerous factors. For some, they want something that offers salon-quality results without breaking the bank. Others may need something for sensitive skin, perhaps with more natural ingredients. Moreover, each shampoo may offer other benefits alongside volume. Some may advertise the aforementioned ability to lock in moisture, while others claim to exclude parabens from their ingredients. You can even find shampoos with added vitamins and minerals for a healthier scalp. Rest assured, there are plenty of volumizing shampoos on the market for all types of hair and budgets.

Though brands like Pureology and Redken are certainly some of the best options, they're far from the only ones. While it's typically a good idea to go with reputable brands, that's not to say lesser-known shampoos can't offer the same benefits. From Pantene to John Frieda, there's a long list of brands offering the best in volumizing shampoos. Not only that, but each brand will often offer multiple shampoos for volume. This way, you have options to choose from within your favorite brands. 

Now, to get the incredible hair you've been striving for, check out the list of volumizing shampoos below to see what everyone else considers the very best. Of course, be sure to do a little extra research for each of your options, though this is a great place to start. If you're looking for other shampoos to help with specific hair issues, check out these lists for the best moisturizing shampoos, the best shampoos for hair loss and dandruff, and of course, the best sulfate free shampoos.

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