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The Most Badass Walk-Away-From-Explosion Moments In Film, Ranked

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Who doesn't love a big explosion? From action movies to television dramas, explosions are a staple set-piece. The only thing we love more than seeing stuff get blown to high heaven are characters not giving a damn about it. Usually in these cases, said character is the cause of the explosion, or at least knows it's about to happen, allowing them to unflinchingly stroll away from the chaos behind them.

An early example of someone walking away from an explosion on film happens in 1985's Remo Williams: The Adventures Begins, where Fred Ward's Remo walks a few paces away from the wreckage of a car before casually lighting a twig with one hand and tossing it behind him to ignite a trail of gas. Satisfied, he turns and continues his exit; unfazed by the resulting KABOOM! behind him. The concept has since been replicated so many times it's become a recognizable - and gloriously stupid - trope.

    • This explosion wreaks havoc inside Gotham General hospital.
    • Heath Ledger's Joker is to blame, and - as you'd expect from the Clown Prince of Crime - this heinous act is tinged with humor: After the initial explosions fail to do much, the villain pauses and glaces back at the scene behind him. He presses the button on the trigger a few more times, wondering if it's broken. Then, the rest of the explosives go-off, causing him to make a less graceful exit.
    • After the breeziness of his waltz away from the hospital is somewhat ruined, Joker scampers off into his getaway vehicle: a stolen school bus.
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    • The explosion here happens in the distant hills of Bagram, Afganistan, outside of a US army base.
    • The man with his finger on the trigger is Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark - pre-redemptive Iron Man arc - who is there to impress the top brass with his latest weapons.
    • After presenting the "Jericho," Tony simply raises his arms triumphantly, until the dust from the blast engulfs him. Needless to say, he makes the sale.  
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    • A helicopter - and its villainous pilot - are at the center of this explosion. 
    • Having resolved to walk away from the smirking baddie, a snide comment persuades Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to strike a flame on the ground using his claws, which follows a trail of leaked gas all the way to the crashed helicopter.
    • Satisfied with his revenge, Logan gets back to the task at hand: tracking down his nemesis: Sabretooth.
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    • This explosion is caused by a pair of grenades being dropped into an alleyway on two unsuspecting Mexican gang members.
    • The cause of the explosion is Antonio Banderas' El Mariachi, who is on a vengeance mission against the drug lord who slayed his girlfriend.
    • El Mariachi and his new beau, Salma Hayek's Carolina, continue their getaway across a rooftop overlooking the explosion-filled alley.
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