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The Most Badass Walk-Away-From-Explosion Moments In Film, Ranked

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Who doesn't love a big explosion? From action movies to television dramas, explosions are a staple set-piece. The only thing we love more than seeing stuff get blown to high heaven are characters not giving a damn about it. Usually in these cases, said character is the cause of the explosion, or at least knows it's about to happen, allowing them to unflinchingly stroll away from the chaos behind them.

An early example of someone walking away from an explosion on film happens in 1985's Remo Williams: The Adventures Begins, where Fred Ward's Remo walks a few paces away from the wreckage of a car before casually lighting a twig with one hand and tossing it behind him to ignite a trail of gas. Satisfied, he turns and continues his exit; unfazed by the resulting KABOOM! behind him. The concept has since been replicated so many times it's become a recognizable - and gloriously stupid - trope.

    • The chief of police and a burnt-out car are the unfortunate victims of this explosion.
    • Denzel Washington's Creasy strips the police officer down to his underwear, ties him to the vehicle, pumps him for information, and then begins the countdown clock to BOOM! time.
    • As he walks away, the camera zooms in to give us a look at his cold, unflinching face. Business as usual for this merciless gun-for-hire.
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    • A car parked in the lot of a pharmacy is blown up in this scene.
    • Javier Bardem's Anton Chigurh, the man behind the blowout, is an enigmatic hitman who chooses his victims simply by flipping a coin.
    • Chigurh makes in his way inside Mike Zoss Pharmacy while the car burns, making off with some medical supplies to patch up his wounds.
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    • Here, an entire gas station gets blown to high heaven.
    • The culprit is a criminal who held up the clerk at gunpoint, before being confronted by RoboCop outside. Taking advantage of a damaged pipe spilling out gasoline, the robber flicked a lit cigarette on the ground and tried to make his escape.
    • Peter Weller's RoboCop proves his (literal) metal in this situation by walking straight through the fire as if it were nothing, opening fire on the fleeing arsonist. 
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    • The Sun-God motel is the victim at the center of this explosive scene.
    • James Woods' vampire-hunter, Jack Crow is the source of the "clean up" operation after his team have a wild night of celebrating their kill count.
    • He briskly walked away from the carnage - cigar between teeth - satisfied that all the evidence of their activities have been erased.
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