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The Best The Walking Dead Actors

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List RulesOnly main and supporting cast members - no guest stars. Vote based on their performances on The Walking Dead.

When it comes to bringing those delightfully creepy chills year after year, no one does it better than the actors on The Walking Dead. Never in the history of the world have a group of people been so celebrated for making us yell at the screen at as we watch their antics unfold. Perhaps its no surprise that some of the best actors on The Walking Dead have even raked in a few awards for the creepy characters they play on the small screen. But are the most award-winning actors always the best? Here's where you'll get the chance to decide. 

Peruse this list of all the actors on The Walking Dead who have won awards from their appearance on the show, as well as others who have not - but who stand out nonetheless. Just select your favorite actor or actress, give them an upvote, watch as they climb the ranks, and see who prevails as the best among The Walking Dead cast. 



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