The Best War Comedy Series Ever Made

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Vote up the best television shows about war that are still funny.

There's nothing funny about war but it is also a very human thing to find the humor in stressful situations. The best military and war comedy series offer stories about real, historical, battles or the people who affected by them. The best military comedy series ever shown on television bring the human and emotional elements into the forefront. If you’ve been looking for the best military and war comedies, this list will help you figure out what needs to go into your queue.

Sitcoms such as M*A*S*H and Hogan's Heroes are possibly some of the best war and military comedies. Military comedies offer laughs in balance with their drama and provide catharsis through humor. Not all military dramas are about historical battles or current conflicts, some simply pair situational comedy with the people who are members of the army or special forces teams.

Which shows balance bringing humor into conflict the best? Vote up the best military and war comedy series, vote down the shows that are a joke.