The Best War Drama Series Ever Made

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The best military and war drama shows offer stories about real, historical, battles. The best military drama series ever shown on television bring the human and emotional elements into the forefront. If you’ve been looking for the best military and war dramas, this list will help you figure out what needs to go into your queue.

Most military and war TV series are also dramas - battles and conflict are a fraught and emotional thing that weighs heavily on the people involved. Shows like Band of Brothers and Resistance are period dramas that tell the stories of people directly involved in historical conflicts. Other shows are about the people left behind, such as Bomb Girls and Home Fires. Not all military dramas are about historical battles, some are simply about the people who are members of the army or special forces teams and how their jobs in the military affect their lives and interactions.

Which shows handle the emotion of conflict the best? Vote up the best war and military drama shows, vote down the shows that don't convey the emotion of war well, and add any dramatic military series that are missing. And if you love these series, check out our list of military shows.

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