The Most Terrifying War Horror Movies, Ranked

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Vote up the best movies that combine the horrors of war with horror itself.

This list of war horror movies proves that the only thing more terrifying than war itself is when you throw werewolves, zombies, and other supernatural monsters into the mix. The tragedies of war are self-evident to the point of cliche - and it's the implicit subject matter of decades' worth of combat themed films. Which is to say, there's more than enough brutality during wartime already without adding supernatural components to the mix. That being said, the best military horror movies with soldiers as the protagonists offer a fresh take on the scary nature of war.

When some filmmakers go to war, they just can't resist pulling from the horror genre - which is how the Spanish Civil War gets besieged by Guillermo del Toro's nightmare-fuel monsters. Or how German medical experiments in World War II turn into full-fledged Nazi Zombies. Or how the mountainous frontier of the Mexican-American War opens the door to cannibalism. Or even how the memory of war itself becomes its own kind of horror after the bullets have finally ceased firing and the bombs have stopped ringing in Jacob's Ladder. You get to help decide which horror movies set in wars is the best with your votes.

Which movies have done the best job combining the brutal realism of battle with the otherworldly terror of horror? Vote up your picks below.