The Best War Movies Based on Books

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Only war movies based on or inspired by literature.

At ease soldier! This is the list of best movies based on war books. We are ranking good films based on war novels and books. The best war movies ever adapted from books can give audiences a blend of fictional accounts and true stories with a historical backdrop, which can bring awareness and even a history lesson to those uneducated on the wars the films are based on. War books made movies can bring viewers into the action and setting of war and leave you with conflicting emotions much like war itself. Prepare yourself as your about to see a list of the best movies based on war books!

They say that war is hell, but this list doesn’t have to be. You can rerank this list of war movies based off of books as you see fit and then share the list with your fellow cadets. If you don't see a new war film adapted from a book that you think should be on this list feel free to add it and check back to see how others rank your selections.