The Best War Movies Streaming On Netflix

Do you love the smell of napalm in the morning? Here are the best war movies on Netflix, ranked by other movie lovers on Ranker. The Netflix war movies on this list include movies about World War II, Vietnam, Iraq, and more. Netflix has a ton of good navy and army movies, but there are also war movies streaming on Netflix that take place even further in the past.

For whatever reason Netflix makes it difficult to search micro genres on their streaming service, so use this list of good war and military movies on Netflix to find some recommendations. These movies have been voted on by other fans of drama war films, so you can trust that the movies at the top of the list are your best bet if you haven't already seen them. Have you seen most of these action war movies on Netflix? Do us a favor and give a vote up to the good war movies on Netflix, so that you can help steer others in the right direction.

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