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The Best Quotes From 'Warrior Nun'

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You'll feel ready to take on the forces of heaven and hell once you read through the best Warrior Nun quotes. The Netflix show that premiered in 2020 follows a young woman who awakens in a morgue with a mysterious divine artifact now embedded in her back. Things only get more insane from there as she becomes adept in the ways of combat so that she can finally fulfill her destiny. From the fantastical to the comedic, all of the characters have a chance to leave their mark on the show. These are just some of the most divine quotes you'll find as you binge-watch Warrior Nun.

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  • There Is No Fear
    Photo: Netflix

    There Is No Fear

    Adriel: Without manipulation there is no fear, and without fear there is no power.

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  • Made Me A Sister Warrior
    Photo: Netflix

    Made Me A Sister Warrior

    Sister Beatrice: Pain is what made me a sister warrior.

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  • In This Life
    Photo: Netflix

    In This Life

    Ava Silva: In this life, or the next.

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  • I've Dreamt About Being Dead
    Photo: Netflix

    I've Dreamt About Being Dead

    Ava Silva: My whole life, I’ve dreamt about being dead. I leave my body and I see myself from the above. A normal girl... Until I wake up.

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