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The Best Washington Capitals Coaches of All Time

The Washington Capitals have seen some great (and not so great) coaches come and go in their time competing in the NHL. That being said, who is the best Washington Capitals head coach of all time? This list ranks every Washington Capitals coach from best to worst based on votes from hockey fans like you, so lace up your skates and start voting. Vote up your top Washington Capitals coaches, and don't forget stats like regular season record and playoff appearances.

Bryan Murray was the first Capitals head coach to win a Jack Adams award for coach of the year, which he accomplished in 1984. Adams was also the first coach to lead the Capitals to the playoffs, which he did in 1981. Another great Capitals head coach was Ron Wilson, who lead the team to their first and only Stanley Cup finals appearance in 1998. Wilson's Capitals by the Detroit Red Wings in four games, however.

Imagine the Washington Capitals assembled a team of the best NHL players from every decade. Who would you select to coach? Vote up the winningest Washington Capitals coach or just the coaches you like the most, then check to see if they're on the list of the best hockey coaches in the sport's history.