The Best Washington Commanders Coaches of All Time

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There have been many Washington Commanders coaches since the team got its start, but who is truly the best Washington Commanders coach of all time? Help us answer that question by upvoting your personal favorite Washington Commanders coaches, and downvoting any that you believe brought the team down.
When you think of
Washington Commanders coaches, you think Joe Gibbs. Under his leadership from 1981-1992, the Washington Commanders played in four Super Bowl games, winning 3 of them. This includes their first NFL Championship ever, which was won against the Miami Dolphins, a team that had previously defeated Washington. Outside of Gibbs, there have been no Washington Championships, with the team struggling to make a splash in the NFC.
Who is the greatest
Washington Commanders coach of all time? Vote up your favorite head coaches below that you believe really made an impact on the franchise.

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