The Best Wattson Skins In 'Apex Legends'

The best Wattson skins in Apex Legends, as ranked by gamers everywhere. Known as a Static Defender, Wattson made her debut in Season 2 and is easily one of the most popular characters.

For when you prefer to stay behind and help keep the fort on lockdown, Wattson’s a great character. Able to defend against virtually anything, Wattson’s Spark of Genius ability helps charge her Ultimate, which, in turn, can prevent missiles, grenades and other projectiles from entering your base.

Which Wattson outfit is your favorite? Ace of Sparks is an awesome Legendary option, and Current Champ is another slick skin that requires a handful of upgrades in order to acquire.

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  • Sweet Dreams
    Photo: Apex Legends / Electronic Arts
    553 VOTES

    Sweet Dreams

    Skin Type: Rare

    Cost: Prime Gaming Loot

  • Electric Royalty
    Photo: Apex Legends / Electronic Arts
    10 VOTES

    Electric Royalty

    Skin Type: Epic

    Cost: Prime Gaming Loot

  • Silver Age
    Photo: Apex Legends / Electronic Arts
    15 VOTES

    Silver Age

    Skin Type: Legendary

    Cost: 1,800 Apex Coins

  • Chaos Conductor
    Photo: Apex Legends / Electronic Arts
    7 VOTES

    Chaos Conductor

    Skin Type: Legendary

    Cost: 2,400 Crafting Tokens or 1,800 Apex Coins