Every Wayne Knight Movie And TV Show, Ranked

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Wayne Knight is an American actor with an extensive career in film and television, and we've ranked them from best to worst using votes from fans like you. He is probably equally known for his comedic roles as Nedry in Jurassic Park and Newman in Seinfeld. Knight also took on dramatic performances in Oliver Stone's JFK and Gus Van Sant's To Die For. With so many movies and shows featuring the talented Wayne Knight, it's going to be hard to determine which ones should make it to the top ten, let alone the number one spot.

Vote up all your favorite TV shows and movies featuring Wayne Knight. Don't hesitate to vote down the ones you think other fans should skip over, despite being Knight fans. Also, look for the HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, and Paramount+ buttons below each film or series to stream them whenever you want.

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