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The Best Ways to Break Up With Someone

Are you looking for the best way to break up with someone? Having this particular conversation can be a very unpleasant experience if you don’t know how to handle the situation properly. You want to be as honest, direct, and tactful as possible without breaking your partner's heart.  

A breakup can seem extremely complicated, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience, as long as you know some simple tips and tricks for handling the situation properly. If you’re wondering, “What are the best ways to break up with my significant other?” relax and take a deep breath – we've got you covered. 

Maybe you've been dating your partner for awhile now, and it's time for things to come to an end. Maybe you've only been on a few dates with someone, but the vibe just isn't right. Communication is key in any break up scenario, and we've got the best ideas for how to convey to your partner that the relationship just isn't working out.   

Do you have any break up tips that we may have left out? Let us know in the comment section below!  
  • Figure Out the Best Time

    Never break up with someone on their birthday. Try to avoid dumping someone on any major holiday, during a significant life event, or on your anniversary. Bank holidays? Fine. President Lincoln's birthday? Go ahead. A few minutes before the fireworks display on the Fourth of July? Kind of a jerk move, but still technically acceptable. Thanksgiving, during their grandmother's funeral, or right after you present them with a homemade Valentine's Day card? Don't even think about it. 
  • Never Break Up With Someone Via Text or Email

    Remember when Nick Berger broke up with Carrie Bradshaw via a post-it note in that one episode of Sex & the City? Don't do that either. Breaking up with someone face-to-face is never easy, but your significant other deserves that respect. If you've only been on one or two dates with someone, you might be able to get away with ending things over the phone, but it provides more closure for the other person if you are physically present for the conversation. 
  • Pick a Semi-Private Location to Have the Talk

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    When it's time to have the talk, try walking around the block with your significant other. Studies show that both men and women communicate more openly when they're not confined in a small space. If you break up with someone in a semi-public place, both of you are more likely to keep your emotions in check. Of course, you want a little privacy, but if you break up with someone in a car, apartment, or office, walking away post-breakup will be a lot harder to do. Make a clean break, and leave. 
  • Be Firm and Direct, But Don't Be Mean

    You owe it to your partner to be clear with your intentions. Being truthful and upfront during a breakup, however, does not give you an excuse to be nasty to your significant other. Be honest about your feelings, but keep in mind that getting dumped really sucks - try not to call unnecessary attention to all of your partner's flaws. Name-calling is not allowed, and neither are low-blows, pot-shots, or sick burns.