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The best ways to catch a mouse are trusted and proven methods to eliminate any mice that may be in your home or place of business and discourage mice from entering in the first place. While many of us enjoy having pets in the home, a mouse in the house isn't exactly the definition of a furry friend. To eliminate mice and keep them away, try these tips to catch a mouse.

If you don't want mice in the house, then before you find yourself with an infestation, take steps to discourage them from entering. Keeping your place clean, tidying up any dropped crumbs, sealing food tightly and storing your trash far away from the home will reduce the reasons a mouse might enter looking for a yummy meal. Sealing up any holes or cracks that a mouse might use to enter is another important step of keeping those pest out.

Once the mice get in, you have many options for getting them out. Catch a mouse using a classic snap or glue trap or opt for a more humane trap such as one that uses a bucket or traps the critter under a glass jar. If dealing with catching a mouse isn't something you'd really like to do personally, you can always get a cat or even hire a professional to do the dirty work for you.

To keep your house clean, safe and mouse free, use a combination of these tips for best results. If a mouse has no reason to enter your home and no entranceways to get in, then the chances of finding a mouse in the house and having a need to catch it will be greatly reduced.

Make a Bucket Trap

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Very much on the humane side of trap options, the bucket trap allows to catch a mouse but not harm it so it can be released far away in the wild instead of killed. Create a bucket trap with a toilet paper or paper towel tube, some peanut butter and an empty bucket. Flatten one side of the tube to create a tunnel, add some peanut butter inside one end and place it extending over a countertop, peanut butter side out. Place a tall bucket right below the peanut butter. The mouse will be attracted to the peanut butter then fall into the bucket when trying to get it. Take the mouse outside, far away from your home, and release him safely.
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Classic Mouse Snap Traps

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If you can stomach picking up the mouse carcasses once they're trapped, the classic mouse snap trap might be for you. Usually available in most home improvement and grocery stores for quite cheap, the classic snap trap is the old standby to catching a mouse. Simply add a treat, like peanut butter, to the trap, then set it and leave it out overnight. Use multiple traps and place them near where you're seeing the mice for best results.
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Use a Jar and a Nickel

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In perhaps the most simple homemade mouse trap out there, easily trap a mouse with just three things you probably already have in your home, a glass or jar, a nickel and some peanut butter. Smear a little peanut butter at the bottom of the jar of drinking glass. Invert the glass, propping one edge of the glass up from the floor with a nickel. Leave it in a place near where you see mice. The mouse will be attracted to the peanut butter and when he tries to get at it, he will knock the nickel out of the way, trapping himself under the glass. Once caught, slide something flat under the glass to trap the mouse and release him outside far away.
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Use Glue Traps

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Deemed "one of the cruelest methods of killing animals that exists today" by PETA, glue traps feature a super-sticky adhesive that will grab and hold any creature that walks across it. This is a highly effective way to catch a mouse, especially when placed near where the mice hang out in your home, but also usually leads to a long, slow and painful death for the critter.
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