41 Different Ways to Cook an Egg, Ranked by Deliciousness

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Their classic tag line says it all, "The Incredible, Edible, Egg." Eggs are not only delicious, high in protein, but are also extremely versatile with these 40 different ways to cook an egg just a sampling of the ways to prepare these household staples.

Scrambling, hard boiling and frying don't even scratch the surface of the ways eggs can be prepared, but are perhaps the most common ways to cook eggs. Similarly, standard chicken eggs are the most popular, however eggs from other species are widely enjoyed as well. However they are enjoyed, it's important to cook eggs thoroughly to eliminate any chances of salmonella.

Eggs are perhaps most often served for breakfast, but different types of egg dishes can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Egg salad, deviled eggs, and quiches are just a few ways to enjoy eggs as a lunch or dinner option. Eggs are also key for hundreds of recipes such as desserts like cookies and cakes as well as for use as a binder in recipes like meatloaf and for breading. Outside of eating, eggs have even been known to have been thrown from time to time.

What are the different ways to cook eggs? This list of cooking eggs will help you answer that question.

The uses and ways eggs can be prepared are nearly endless. We've included here 40 ways to cook an egg at home the next time you're looking for something out of the ordinary. Incredible and edible indeed.
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