The Best Ways to Eat Vegetables, Ranked by Deliciousness

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What are the best ways to eat vegetables? This list includes some of the best vegetable ideas. If you’re looking to get a little more green on your plate, and you need more ways to eat veggies, take a look.

When it comes to vegetable recipe ideas, the possibilities are virtually endless. Sure, you can go with the traditional salad – but keep in mind, salads allow you to pack a ton of different, yummy veggies into one simple meal. Need more protein? Add some grilled chicken. Want something a little different? Add some fruit, like grapefruit. Want to boost your omega 3’s? Add a little sliced avocado. When it comes to how to eat vegetables, the answer is simple: any way you like!

In terms of good ways to make and eat veggies, think outside the box a bit. Need a quick, easy solution for how to prepare vegetables? Throw your favorites all together, and make them into a taco. Everyone loves tacos, after all. And it may not be a true vegetable based dish, but a veggie lasagna is another excellent way to incorporate more ways to eat veggies.

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