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Jessica Lawshe
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It happens to the best of us: that unwanted tire of belly fat around our mid-sections. After years of not watching what we eat and skipping gym sessions, it sneaks up. But there are ways to combat belly fat! And we've got those ways right here!

Tired of not having enough energy to get through the day? Want to feel better? Searching for the absolute best tips and tricks to shed unwanted pounds, get back in shape, and live a healthier lifestyle? Maybe you're already a workout fanatic on the hunt to become even healthier. No matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro at the whole healthy lifestyle thing, you'll still want to brush up on the best ways to lose belly fat. 

Ditch the diets and weight loss pills – losing belly fat is way more than just fitting into a smaller pant size; it’s about being healthier and more energetic in your everyday life! Belly fat has been known to cause serious health trouble, including an increased risk for Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. You don't have to feel overwhelmed. Losing belly fat can be as simple as taking a few steps (well, 10,000) every day. You don't even have to do a total overhaul of your lifestyle! You can change your eating habits and workout routines just a little bit at a time! It may not happen super fast, but with hard work, you'll get there in no time.

These top suggestions for how to lose belly fat will get you well on your way to achieving the results you’re looking for!

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Cut Out the Refined Carbs

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Why do refined carbs get a bad rap? Because your body digests them so quickly that they cause blood sugar surges that can lead to weight gain and other health troubles. 

Source: Best Health

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Eat Berries

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Berries speed up the fermentation process in bodies, which leads to an even greater reduction in inflammation and weight.

Source: Eat This! Weight Loss
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Understand "Bad" Fat and "Good" Fat

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According to a Swedish study, saturated fat packs on more belly fat than polyunsaturated ones. Polyunsaturated fats are found in nuts, seeds, and fish.

Source: Prevention
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Snack Between Meals

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According to the Mayo Clinic, eating small snacks in between meals can keep you from eating too much at your next meal. These snacks should be like mini meals that provide nutrients that are lacking from the rest of your diet. 

Source: SF Gate Healthy Eating