If You've Served In The Military, What's The Best Thing Americans Can Do To Show Support?

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Current and former military members only: vote up the things that make you feel supported; vote down the ones that do not.

The phrase "support our troops" is one that comes up across a wide variety of contexts in modern American life. From debates about NFL players kneeling as a form of protest, to legislation involving transgender service members, to the replacement of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin with Rear Adm. Ronny L. Jackson, what it means to support service men and women has been a major part of the political dialogue of the United States in 2018.

With so many figures offering their opinions on what it means to support – or not support – our troops, one has to wonder: what do service men and women themselves identify as the ways they like to be supported? 

If you've served or are currently serving in the US military, what things can people do to make you feel truly supported? What, for you, does "supporting our troops" mean? Vote up the actions and stances people can take that make you feel supported.

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    They can support a strong, well-funded Department of Veterans Affairs.

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    They can send care packages to those on active duty.

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    They can donate time to charities for veterans.

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    They can visit VA nursing homes and spend time with elderly veterans.

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    They can patronize companies and businesses that provide job services especially for veterans.

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    They can advocate for mental institutions to provide free mental health care for veterans.