The Rarest, Strongest Weapons In Skyrim, Ranked

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the best games of all time, which is why we're still talking about it more-than-five years after its release. The greatest element to a game like Skyrim has got to be the exploration, and there's nothing better than pulling a rare, powerful weapon from a hidden and ancient chest. It kind of makes sense that some of the best weapons in Skyrim also just so happen to be some of the rarest weapons in Skyrim. You're not just going to waltz into Whiterun 10 minutes into the game wielding a legendary, unstoppable battle axe.

We all know glass and ebony weapons are extremely tough, especially once they've been enhanced and enchanted, but those are relatively ubiquitous in Skyrim. We're not talking about weapons after they've been upgraded. We're looking for weapons that are inherently powerful and hard to find.

Elder Scrolls V has brought us endless joy, from hilarious Skyrim mods, to hysterical Skyrim memes; but those were all created by the, albeit wonderful, gaming community. Bethesda's magnum opus had its fair share of wonderful elements right from the get-go, and that most certainly includes the awesome, death-dealing devices that make you want to scream, "FUS RO DAH!"

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  • Auriel's Bow
    1,625 votes

    Auriel's Bow

  • Dawnbreaker
    1,189 votes


  • Bloodskal Blade
    884 votes

    Bloodskal Blade

  • Nightingale Bow
    1,075 votes

    Nightingale Bow

  • Mehrunes' Razor
    773 votes

    Mehrunes' Razor

  • Chillrend
    572 votes