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The Best Wedding Cake Flavors

If you’ve ever wondered what the best wedding cake flavors are, you’re not alone! From so many to choose from, how can you be certain you’re picking the best cake flavor for your big day? You’ve got a long list of things you’re working on for that special wedding day. You want everything to be absolutely perfect: you’ve probably spent hours upon hours picking the very best venues, hiring a ceremony official, hammering out your guest list, taste-testing various catering services for food options – not to mention how much time you’ve spent picking out your wedding dress! The wedding cake is an important part of the ceremony; it is the classic element within a wedding that never changes, even though some interesting flavors have been attempted before! If you’re more of a classic thinker, you can never go wrong with traditional vanilla’s or chocolate’s. For the contemporary approach, cake flavors can be paired with virtually any filling: jams, ganache’s, buttercream fillings and more. Cakes can also get a little complicated when you can request a combination of flavors – even three or more if desired. This list will answer the question, “What are the top wedding cake flavors?” to help you decided where to invest in the perfect cake for your perfect day!